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Brink of Dawn (Manga)

Brink of Dawn (Manga)

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Liam appears to have it all: a top-notch job, a stunning girlfriend, more money than he could ever eat. But, despite his riches, he drifts through life like a hollow husk... until he meets Miles.

Driven by an impulsive urge that he would never normally entertain, Liam embarks on a journey of self-discovery that will hack a deep notch into his life's course.

As he spends more time with Miles, Liam realizes that genuine happiness and fulfillment can arise from the most unexpected of sources. Together, they explore the city, forging a bond that will leave an indelible impression on both of them.

If you crave a BL tale that brims with raw emotion, infatuation at first sight, relatable characters, and a sprinkle of humor, then snag yourself this 148 page manga!


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